Gym Anxiety IS a thing!

Hey y’all! Half the year has flown by so quick and as the months are counting down, my waist size is going up *sigh* Some of you have read my Keto blog back in November well I’m sad to say I fell off that horse HARD and I’m struggling to get back on there. Between birthday months and traveling and moving there just been little to no thought about what I’m eating and now I’m beginning to feel the negative effects of my bad choices…. aside from my clothes fitting me tighter, more issues are coming up that I’ve never had unless I was expecting like swollen feet, lack of energy, poor digestion, and a lovely elevated stress level. I feel embarrassed by my appearance not only for myself but my children and spouse and more so because I work for a healthy living supplement company! Can’t be looking like a busted cans of biscuits when I’m trying to help others reach their health goals! I know that I need to get back on that Keto Pony because honestly it’s the best diet I have ever done and I have all the supplements at my disposal to help with other goals I want to reach but you know why I still look unhealthy at my ideal weight? GYM ANXIETY!

We all had weight class in middle school/high school right? It’s totally chill hanging with your classmates for 45 minutes then go about your business. And if you never looked at a gym again after those classes were done then you go about your life, date, move around, settle down and start a family, there is so much that happens in the 10 years after those gym classes that put extra love on your body then if you are like me, you wake up one day you’re in your mid to late 20’s and you look like you have eaten your former younger self… that scary thought of going to the gym by yourself when you have no idea what you are doing and don’t want to appear to not know what you’re doing is a very real thing. Forget about not looking like every other fit girl in there, I don’t want to end up like one of those Facebook Memes or videos of being the idiot not knowing how to use the machine correctly. These are the first things that pop into my head when Hubbs says “let’s go to the gym if you want to look and feel different” he has been gyming most of his life. He is a pro but as I’ve learned in the past, you don’t make a guy thing into a couple thing so even though he wants to be helpful now I think we spend enough time together that I don’t need to take away his stress reliever/ me time at the gym. I don’t have a lot of girl friends but the ones I do have are Bikini competitors and look amazing year round and I am no where near their level of fit and I wouldn’t want to slow them down.

Bottom line. NO MORE EXCUSES! We all have to start somewhere and I will move past this! I want to not be fearful of exercise. I will not continue to let this fear impact my pant size anymore. So if any of you have advice for me please comment and tell me how you have overcome GYM ANXIETY

❤️❤️❤️❤️Much love ❤️❤️❤️❤️


Pugs Helping Pugs 2018

If you’ve been following me from the beginning, you know I am a PugMom to 2 little squished faced angels. Everywhere we go people love them, they want to know where we got them, etc but what is amazing to me is that not a single person we come in contact with understand that these little mouth breathers are one of the most abandoned breeds!

Pugs were bred as companions and honestly they are suited for nothing else. Their cute squishy faces come with breathing issues down the road, their little bodies are susceptible to obesity, they can have a billion allergies, the fact they have rolls means they need to be bathed often and their wrinkles need to be kept clean. Pugs are a very huge commitment! Unfortunately people don’t understand that when they get a pug and they neglect or abandon them.

There is a woman we follow on Instagram called The Pug Queen who travels everywhere she can to rescue and rehabilitate all the puggos she can. Her home is busting with Pug Love and I salute her!

I want to make a difference in my own small way so this year we decided to enter our 2 pugs in the Arizona Pug Adoption & Rescue Network’s 2018 Cutest Pug Contest to help raise funds. The prizes are for the dogs and not the owners and it’s all about helping fund all fostering and rehabilitation for pugs in Arizona need!

Vote Frankie or Vote Tater Tot

Hey Mama, don’t fret you’re doing great!

Too often in our modern world we come across that ugly beast, mom shaming. For what? Why? Who makes these people on a screen an expert on parenting? What credentials do they have to make you feel 2 inches tall at the grocery store? Guess what gorgeous, THEY HAVE NO RIGHT! And even though I’m trying to build you up, no one gave me the divine right to make you feel like the queen you are but I’m going to do it anyways!

I’m going to get real with you, it took me 7 years of being a mother to finally accept that I have my own style. I went through so many parenting styles and phases only to find that not a single one worked for me or my situation. I got depressed, I felt inadequate, and even worse all the negativity was affecting my kids. I was so caught up in what other moms were doing and how they were doing it that I just couldn’t even deal with my own world. 7 years it took me to learn that what works for me and my kids don’t work for you and yours.

Having confidence in your own parenting style is key.

I still see a mom at Target who looks like she has her shit together but I bet she hides in the bathroom from her kids with a butterfinger and having a mini meltdown. That’s ok!

Or the stay at home parent who volunteers in all the school activities I saw her buying bottles of wine at the store and I feel for her too.

Even that mom who seems to be fearful of all kinds of food allergies, you don’t want to vaccinate your kids I’m cool with that too you have enough going on you don’t need me passing judgment on you.

Just because we don’t agree on something doesn’t mean I hate you or think any less of you. In the end we are all mothers who love our babies.

So my favor to ask is that you all be open minded and try and build your fellow moms up. We all need a little support from time to time and we could all use more “hey you’re doing great!” And less of “omg I can’t believe you are so blah blah blah”


Insignificant Mom

A “Good Daughters” Mother’s Day

I’ll be the first to admit I buy into all that commercial day advertising for holidays. I go above and beyond to make everyone feel like they are appreciated for any occasion. Mother’s Day is no exception. This year I’m ashamed to say I did not want to go drive for an hour and a half to sit around in my grandmothers home where everyone was off in a separate room until dinner was ready… but all “good daughters” know that we are to show up to make the day special for the more seasoned mother’s of the family.

My grandmother is a very opinionated person and because it is her home, she has every right to say what she thinks and feels… no visitors for any of the holidays leave unmarked from her sharp words. Ever.

My mother she has always been the buffer but in the last 3 years she has taken on a new role in the family, one that doesn’t defend or stick up for anyone she just mainly keeps to herself.

This year we had an family friend visiting from out of state and my heart goes out to this sweet woman… she had 2 sons, 1 passed away about 5 years ago in a car accident and he other doesn’t acknowledge her existence until he needs something. Of those 2 sons came 2 grandchildren both from the son who passed away but because of horrible circumstances, the granddaughter passed away many years ago and the grandson is deployed. I knew she wasn’t going to have any phone calls or flowers on this day so I took it upon myself to include her.

All 3 women got a bouquet of flowers, a certificate for a nail spa treatment, and cards from my kids and myself. In all honesty I shouldn’t have bothered buying my own mother and grandmother these things because I don’t feel like they truly appreciated them… but it was all worth it to see someone who had zero expectations for Mother’s Day break down with tears of joy from the small gifts she received.

I have always felt like I was a thoughtful person. Never wanting to leave anyone feeling left out so much that I even got my sons bonus mom a small succulent plant for Mother’s Day. I don’t expect anything for being nice to others but I always seem to get dumped on. Mother’s Day 2018 ended in me keeping my mouth shut and enduring any harsh words and comments my family had for me and driving away in tears.

At what point do you feel like being the “good daughter” has to end? I could have saved myself time and tears by not going to celebrate with my mother and grandmother. I could have stayed home and relaxed for the day like most other mother’s. But then that “good daughter” guilt crept in… “what if this is the last year grandma is with us?” “What if it will actually be a good time and I’m just thinking the worst?” In the end the guilty thoughts had me packing overnight bags for the trip and off I went.

It went exactly as expected and no one wished me a happy Mother’s Day…. maybe next year I will break this cycle but most likely do as I do every year. Show up.

#RedforEd… another working moms opinion

Hello my loyal readers! I can’t believe I have neglected my blogging so much… but I guess that’s life right? It gets in the way of our hobbies and “me time” activities. But no matter! IM BACK!! for as long as life lets me this time….

Now most of you know I live in Arizona where we are currently making national news about our public school teachers literally walking out of the classrooms and vowing to not return until our state government meets their 5 demands:

  1. 20% salary increase Our teachers are one of the lowest paid in the union. I, who did not have to go to school to receive a masters degree, make more than the men and women I leave to teach and help me raise my children. How is that right?? The average median for teacher salary is $47,0000. The average income for a family in Arizona is $60,000. And don’t give me that crap “Well if they wanted to be rich they should have chosen a different profession” who would be at the school to teach your kindergartener his sight words? You’re too busy making a decent salary to have time to do that. How are these educators able to feed their families? I have so many teacher friends that have had to move out of state if they want to remain teachers, I’ve seen teachers in my kids schools who work weekends at fast food restaurants or grocery stores to make ends meet, and I’ve even had some who just called it quits and went on to work in a field that has nothing to do with their degree and are still trying to pay back student loans. We need our teachers to be able to stay in Arizona to educate our kids and we need them to be able to live normal lives without worrying about how they can pay their mortgage on top of paying for school supplies out of their pockets.
  2. More funding for education It’s not secret that teachers buy the majority of the supplies for their classrooms and not just once or twice a year, every month they are having replace items that the state should be taking care of. And no I am not talking about extra one time project things. Simple basics like Kleenex, hand sanitizers, pencils, erasers, and glue sticks. In my inbox from this year alone, between the 2 teachers for my kids, I have 26 emails asking for donations for supplies for their classrooms. I know that I have to buy pencils and extra notebooks for my kids just to do homework at home at least every month, imagine a class of 25-32 who are the same kids who lose or break stuff at home. So maybe next year when you get the school supplies list, don’t bitch about how long it is! Because I guarantee you, the teacher will end up replacing everything on that list at least once for each kid in their class.
  3. Competitive pay for all support staff as a mother of a kid who receives special education for behavioral issues, I can agree 10,000% that the $10.50/hour we pay our special ed paras/aides is hilarious. Would you put up with hitting, biting, scratching, violent outbursts, or even just constant screaming 5 days a week for just $10.50 an hour??? Of course you wouldn’t. But these are wonderful, kind hearted people who do endure all that just because they love your child and want to help them. I’m giving my sons paras gift cards to total wine because I know that he is the reason they want a drink after work…
  4. Permanent salary with annual raises 10 years ago when the economy crashed, all teacher salaries were frozen and were promised to be unfrozen at a later time when the state could handle it. Well they are still waiting… I’ve gotten 3 raises in 4 years and these teachers who have actually stuck it out for all these years have gotten ZERO. They should have annual raises just like anybody else!
  5. No new tax cuts The National average for funding a single student is $11,400 do you know what Arizona spent on each student last year? Just below $7,500… yeah let that sink in. The state of Arizona needs to stop taking money from our children! They are to be the next round of leaders for our world and how can we have any hope for future if we can’t invest now while their minds are being molded and shaped to have ambition and strive to make tomorrow’s America better?

We are on day 4 of this walkout. My kids have not been in school since Wednesday April 25th and has it been a little more difficult to figure out where my children will go while mommy and daddy work? Yeah of course but I wouldn’t be a good parent if I didn’t have a back up plan for situations like this. I just put my summer break plans into action a little early. The hardest part for me during this walkout is not that I was inconvenienced by having to care for my children or the extra cost to feed them, it’s that I don’t get to see them learning or coming home from school excited to tell me about their day. I hope our government can realize how important our teachers and students are and an agreement can be made.

I fully support #RedforEd.

Is it Bullying or just kids will be kids?

My loyal and faithful readers, thank you for continuing to follow this absentee blogger. I really feel that I get no break from Black Friday all the way to Easter Sunday. As many of you know I work a full-time job, run after 2 kids, a husband, and 2 pugs but if that wasn’t enough, I became a temporary homeroom parent AND officially became the Media Manager for a restaurant. Busy busy bee needs massive amounts of coffee to not become the busy busy bee-otch. My life is busy but my heart is full so it’s a great time in my life.

Now in all that busy adult work I have been making a great effort to spend more time with the kids. How do I do that? I got them scooters a few days ago and we go to the parks near by for them to scoot their little hearts out. Now at he request of our daughter, she asked us not to take her to the park in our neighborhood where all her school friends go to play until she was better at scooting. Okay we can do that. So Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday we ventured out to the other parks in other neighborhoods where no one knew us so the kids could gain confidence and practice. Thursday (yesterday) kids are ready to go to our park. Cool let’s grab a coffee at Starbucks and head over. Unfortunately… No amount of coffee could prepare me for this park visit…

Let’s rewind back to the first couple weeks of the school year, my daughter is very shy, soft spoken, tiny, and absolutely hates to draw any form of attention to herself. With that being said, she had a problem with a “bully.” Everyday after lunch, all the 1st Graders go to the playground and play while waiting for their teacher to come get them and take them back go class. Well there was a little boy who decided he was going to play with my daughter, and his idea of playing was punching her in the stomach repeatedly and pushing her down. My kids knows how to defend herself I have multiple bloody noses between her and her brother to attest to that fact, but because she was at school, she did absolutely nothing to the boy out of fear of getting in trouble at school. So the first day it happened, I gave her the PC school approved response, “Tell a grownup, they will take care of it.” Next day I asked her how school was and she broke out in tears, the little boy hit her and pushed her again and she told the recess aide but the aide didn’t do anything about it. Okay…. so I suggest that I email the teacher. My daughter starts freaking out she doesn’t want to be a tattletale, so I give her one more piece of school approved advice “Tell him you don’t want to play anymore and walk away” she said okay. On the third day I hoped and hoped that we were done with this little kid and his hitting. Nope. My babygirl informed me that he still didn’t stop and when she tried to walk away from him, this little shit grabbed her by the hair so she couldn’t go anywhere. I’m furious at this point! No more taking the high road! No more staying quiet about this, I’m emailing the teacher. I sent the email Wednesday night, Thursday morning came and went, same in the afternoon, same in the evening and no email back. So what do I do? I call the vice principal because if anyone is going to bring this nonsense to a crashing halt, it’s her. To make my already long story come to a quick end, the little boy was told to leave my daughter alone but unfortunately he found another kids to torture and was suspended after numerous incidents.

So let’s go back to the park! It’s a nice day out, I got a coffee, hubby is off early and met us at the park,K&K are racing their scooters all over the place but then who would appear? The little brute who tortured my baby. Mind you I’ve never met the kid so I had no clue what he looked like, who his parents are, nothing. But I did see a little boy arrive with his mom and sister and my daughter immediately scoots to me to say she wants to go to a different park. Uhhh dude we just got here… why? She doesn’t tell us why so we tell her that we came here to play so go play. I watched the little boy run after her to go play and as soon as she noticed she kept running further, far from this kid. At first I thought she was just racing him but after watching them for a few minutes it’s clear she is upset so I started walking down the field to where they are. Then I saw it. He pushed her down hard enough for her shoe to fly off her foot. Oh hell no! I take half a second to remind myself I am a mother and he is just a kid and I need to retract my mama lion claws. I walked up behind him with his back turned to me and in my scary-you-done-pissed-me-off mommy voice I asked what his name was. He told me John.

Why did you push K?”

“Because she ran away from me”

“that’s not a reason to push her”

“yes it is she won’t share her scooter with me”

“well she doesn’t have to share her scooter with you or anyone else if she doesn’t want to”

This scares him off and he runs to his mom. Good. I pick my sniffling little girl off the grass and wipe her off and carry her back up to where we were and I see Johns mom giving me a dirty look. I’ll ignore it because I’m not looking to get into a situation that will make me late for an evening conference call. I tell Hubbs what happened and he cuddles our girl and that’s when she told us that he was the little boy who had been picking on her before and that he had made her cry today by calling her a tattletale. To cheer her up we promise both kids ice cream when we leave. I wiped her tears and told her to go scoot for a bit and then we will leave. Not even 5 minutes go by and John seems to think her mind has changed and tries to forcefully take the scooter from her hands. When she didn’t let go he smacked her hat off her head and I jumped up and went straight to his mom.

“Hi excuse me are you Johns mother?”

“Yes I am and you are?”

“Well our kids go to school together and they don’t seem to get along well. Aside from what my daughter has told me happens between them at school, in the past 20 minutes I’ve watched him chase her, call her a cry baby, push her, try to take something out of her hands, and now he just slapped her hat off her head. I don’t know how you parent but to me this is unacceptable behavior and I would appreciate if you got you son and kept him away from her now.”

“Well you know he is special needs. He has behavioral issues and attends special ed.”

“Do you see that little boy in the pink shirt on his scooter? That’s my son who is also in special education for behavioral issues. Do you see him acting the way you son is? No you don’t because we have raised him to be respectful of others. And I am not here to compare our children. Only to ask you to have your son leave my kids alone while we are here sharing the park.”

“Well you don’t teach your kids to share. How is that ok?”

This lady is bringing the bee-otch out in me…

“My kids both play very nicely with others they share their toys and other belongings with other kids but if they don’t want to share with some kid who puts their hands on them, I am not going to make them”

“Ok well kids will be kids”

At that point I decided to end the conversation and we packed up and left. I know I will not always see eye to eye with other parents but that’s absolutely ridiculous. Do I wholeheartedly believe my kids are saints? No because they aren’t. They yell and fight and scream and sometimes have really bad manners but if my kid is getting picked on I am going to get to the bottom of it and defend them if they aren’t in the wrong. And if they are in the wrong then I am going to do my damndest to fix their behavior because I am not raising bullies and I am not raising kids who can’t speak up for themselves.

So if you haven’t gotten tired of reading this rant, what do you think?

Can bullying start as young as 6 or 7? Or is it kids just being kids?

My Little Man

K&K’s birthday month is finally coming to its end. I’ve loved spending extra time with them doing things they enjoy. Parties with friends and family, little trips, and of course their favorite part, presents. I am officially the mother of an 8 year old girl and 6 year old boy. They are getting older and I’m just getting old…

In this mornings celebrations of my sons birthday breakfast, I realized he is still to young to realize his “birthday” only comes around every 4 years and he will probably figure it out by the time his official “2nd” Birthday comes in 2020.

Happy Birthday my little man ❤️

Does anyone else have a Leap Day baby?

Muse Bistro

Oh my goodness!

Have you ever eaten something and then become OBSESSED with what you ate?? It was so amazing you just can’t wait till you can eat it again?! I’m asking for a friend….

If any of my readers love to travel or happen to be Arizona natives I demand you go Muse Bistro located in Cottonwood, Arizona.

This hidden gem is Creole inspired cuisine that puts a modern freshness on New Orleans cuisine!

We started off with the calamari… it was phenomenal! It was kid approved and my kids are extremely picky eaters!

We then ordered our main courses:

Hubbs had the Flat Iron steak I wish I had taken a picture of it before he inhaled it *sigh*

My grandma went with the Blackened Red Fish on a bed of grits and she swears it tasted as good as it looked (pretty sure that’s what I will get next time)

Both K&K had Black Garlic Mac’N’Cheese I know they don’t have the taste buds to appreciate fancy food yet but I’ve seen them eat a lot of macaroni and cheese but none that quickly!

And finally the dish that inspired my blog… my 5 star rating and reason I will recommend EVERYONE to this restaurant, Crawfish Stuffed Shells. I’ve always loved crawfish and I’ve always loved pasta it’s like Muse Bistro knew what I had in my heart and this was absolutely amazing! I mean full on food-gasm!

If I had had any room left for dessert I would have destroyed any one of their delicious choices… but that will be my goal for my next visit.

Seriously guys if you are in the area please take time out of your trip to visit Muse Bistro! (Maybe bring me too?….hehehe)

Just like that…. 8 years gone…

I wish I could freeze time for a little bit longer…

I hope to keep you innocent from the evils in the world…

I pray your heart stays pure and moral…

I wish for you to have the best life mommy and daddy can give you….

I will continue to watch you grow into a young lady, my beautiful little girl ❤️

Happy Birthday baby girl!

Hectic weeks as Mom, Wife, and party planner?…

Where did January go??

What happened to those 31 days??

I’ll tell you… THE FLU!

Never in my life have I been this afraid of something going around! I got it, the kids got it, my mom, my sister, hell even the dog was under the weather! The entire month of January I was balancing doctors appointments, work, school, and coparenting schedules that I honestly didn’t even notice the month had come and gone… well I guess February will make up for all that and I’ll fill you in on how and why.

My daughter’s birthday is next week and I had NOTHING planned. Bad mom bad mom bad mom! Well I pulled a miracle out of my you know what and got a spot at a local indoor trampoline place for her party! Mom win!! So in the last week I had to book the venue, get invitations, change my coparenting schedule, order cupcakes, and get RSVPs! Whew… I think this will be ok. But wait what you hear what The Hubbs pulled on me yesterday….

Hubbs: “Hey babe, you know that the Eagles are in the Super Bowl this year?”

Me: “Yes… why do you bring it up?”

Hubbs: “Well I told some of the guys that they could come over and watch the game… and that you were cooking.”

Me: “….”


Sometimes I swear I could kill him… but then I remember I would miss him…. So all day long I’ve called around to get the carpets cleaned, go grocery shopping for party food, and a liquor run for a signature blue eagles drink…. He owes me BIG time for this stunt!

But wait there is more! One last unexpected event happened to us and I honestly can’t even be mad… WE GOT A PUPPY! Yes in all the chaos and busyness we got a puppy and I absolutely adore her. A precious little pug named Francine aka Frankie!

That concludes this rant and rave of eventful happenings in my life since last I blogged 🙂

I am crazy! I have so much to do for these parties! But you know what? I am a mom and this is just what we do! And we do it well!

So cheers to all my multitasking supermoms out there! We are the glue that holds it all together and the glitter that makes it even more special!